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Patricia Ruben, #1 AGENT In Los Feliz

As a former V.P. of Paramount Pictures, Patricia proudly represents a vast array of amazing people. She is an expert at locations, pricing, investments, private estates, and has sold over 350 homes. She is an "expert" for both home buyers and sellers in Los Feliz, Silverlake, Hollywood Hills, Hancock Park and surrounding areas. Read what.....

Kathryn Hahn writes: "thank the stars for Patti Ruben.....forever grateful!" Jimmy O. Yang writes: "She works her magic. I felt hopeless untilI found Patti." Carly Mensch and Latif Nasser write: "Columbo-like....We are evangelical about Patti!" Jenji Kohan writes: "joyous,hilarious, indefatigable and an absolute pleasure to work with." Matthew Weiner writes: "persuasiveness, and frankly her kindness helped us get our home. She's the best we ever seen." Lily Rabe writes: “Patti is one in a million.She is brilliant at what she does!" Jimmy Jaggar and Anoushka Shwarma write: "best possible person on our team.... lost without her." Linda Kleine writes: "Skillful negotiator, earned our absolute trust." Sasha Silver and Charlie Moran write: "she is the whisperer, the font of knowledge." Tom Ford writes: "devoted, fierce, loyal and honest." Liz Flahive writes:"She's part guru, part therapist, part magician." Tim Kaeding and Heather Collins write: "business savvy, the heart, the eye, the loyalty, and the work-to-the-bone ethicthat makes her a rare gem." Jeffrey Silver writes: "...our real estate savior."


Thank the stars for Patti Ruben

“Every morning we wake up in a home we love and thank the stars for Patti Ruben. She makes the traditionally painful and weird experience of home-buying feel like a meaningful life-cycle experience, and for that we’re forever grateful.” - KATHRYN HAHN, Actor ~ ETHAN SANDLER, Actor/Writer

Patti knows her stuff

"Of course Patti knows her stuff. Patti is a delight -- joyous, hilarious, indefatigable and an absolute pleasure to work with." - JENJI KOHAN, Creator | ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK / WEEDS ~ CHRIS NOXON, Author/Artist

She's The Best We Ever Seen

"I unreservedly recommend Patti. Her honesty, persuasiveness, and frankly her kindness helped us get our home. She's the best we ever seen and to prove it we've remained friends." - MATT WEINER, Creator | MAD MEN ~ LINDA BRETTLER, Architect

The Queen of Los Feliz!

"I was in the market to buy a house for 2 years, outbid on many potential dream homes. I felt help hopeless...UNTIL I FOUND PATTI. She was so attentive, thoughtful and creative. We quickly found my dream home. She worked her magic, and I got the house on a great deal! Truly unheard of in a seller's market. Patti's not just an agent, she's a friend, an advisor and truly -- the Queen of Los Feliz! - JIMMY 0. YANG, Actor/Comedian

Loyal and honest

"YOU WANT PATTI WORKING FOR YOU. She is a devoted, fierce, loyal and an honest person. A force to be reckoned with. She is the person to use if you are thinking of anything to do with real estate in Los Angeles." - TOM FORD, Event Designer

She is the best!

“We were so lucky that Patti helped us find a home - twice! Patti is Columbo-like when she walks around a property, impressively deducing hidden secrets, but what's even better is how patient, sensitive and understanding she is when dealing with us, our needs, our hesitations, even our irrational dithering as first-time homebuyers. We are evangelical about Patti; she is the best!”- LATIF NASSER, Creator | CONNECTED ~ CARLY MENSCH, Creator | GLOW

Patti is one in a million

“Patti is one in a million. She’s intrepid and curious and thoughtful and protective. She is brilliant at what she does, always leaning forward and asking questions. She cares deeply about her work and her clients and the experience of working with her is uniquely special.” - LILY RABE, Actor

Patti is a rare gem

"After buying and selling several homes with this lovely lady, we would never dream of working with any other real estate agent in all of Los Angeles or anyplace. We would drag her along to any city in the world! Patti has both the business savvy, the heart, the eye, the loyalty, and the work-to-the-bone ethic that makes her a rare gem. We never knew a realtor such as Patti existed." - TIM KAEDING, Owner | MOTHER JEANS ~ HEATHER COLLINS, Writer/Artist/Designer

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Second Home

I achieved my lifelong dream of purchasing a second home in CARPINTERIA, CALIFORNIA; a lazy beach town in Santa Barbara County. It is here we invite/feed/house weary friends, family, clients, neighbors and cherished loved ones, and spoil them with fresh fruits and veggies we grow in our awesome garden. My husband, a superstar of talent, creativity, hard work, and unmatched generosity, is the master of the kitchen. Not only did he build it (and everything else in sight!) he cooks there with agile ingenuity. In the following pictures you will see, it is here we awake to the big sun rising in the east, and enjoy late meals to the sun setting west. It is here where Valentine's Day is simple red branch, Christmas lights are a white string, flowers are the days inspiration, and where the art studio is recovery. A SECOND HOME for us is a surge of joy; color, simplicity, creativity and freedom. (and a small Parisian powder room that transports me abroad) Stuffed with personal art and my parents' special tokens, I am fearless and alive, it is here where ALL MY DREAMS come true.

I will find you the dream spot you deserve, the one you've been waiting for all your life.

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Patricia's E-Book!

Patricia is frequently sought out for representation by business managers in the Entertainment Industry, praised for her unparalleled negotiating skills, her ability to navigate challenging situations and her expertise at handling tough transactions, bringing them to satisfying conclusions. Her ability to study the market and predict the future is uncanny.

She takes a methodical approach, implementing meticulous research and robust marketing strategies with the highest press mention statistics in the company, with over 90% of her listings garnering PR accolades. In 2019 alone, Patricia’s listings were featured over 30 times in media outlets.

Read her E-Book to learn more!

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